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How to Spend 24 Hours In Yosemite National Park

It was time for a quick getaway to a magical destination that isn’t too far or too costly. Whenever we travel, I have to consider the accommodations and ensure they are suitable for my husband, Dave who wants to see the world but often feels limited because of his diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. After some last-minute researching, the destination that fit the bill was Yosemite. It’s only a 2 hr drive from Dixon, CA and can easily make you feel like you stepped into another world without spending a “world” of funds. It also has cabin options, which would provide a suitable amount of comfortability for someone who is dealing with a disability versus camping out tent style. Now for me, I love to rock my natural hair as much as possible, but when traveling, it can potentially pose as a time-consuming problem. To resolve my travel issues I am learning its all about having the right hair products, which will keep my natural hairstyles intact regardless of what outdoor activities or wet air greet me. So you see, traveling doesn’t have to be a challenge when dealing with a disability or when rocking your natural hair. With a little creativity, both I and my husband were able to enjoy ourselves.

To learn more about the best hair care products and styles to use while traveling to areas with warmer or humid climates  click here.

With the surrounding hotels going for $400 per night I wanted to look into some other options. This time for lodging purposes, I used Airbnb because let’s face it you get a lot more bang for your buck. Upon researching where to stay, I found a  beautiful cabin in Groveland, CA which is 30 minutes outside of Yosemite National Park. We stayed in a three bedroom two bath treetop hideaway lake house for $80 per night.

It came with all your essential amenities such as bedding, towels, soap and toilet paper but also offered some unexpected extras like hangers, an indoor fireplace and a lower level private suite equipped with a queen size bed, washer and dryer, private bathroom, and a sitting area. There is a $30 fee to enter the lodging site, which wasn’t on the listing so when taking that into account we spent $95 per night. The lesson learned is to make sure you ask the host if they’re any additional fees such as an entrance fee, etc. before booking your stay make sure all cost are accounted for.

Evening 1: First on the list was to check out Pine Mountain Lake. Located in Groveland is a great restaurant, The Grill. Compared to most of the Yosemite eateries its one of the better places to eat. The lake offers all kinds of boat rentals, jet skis, and water activities providing plenty of fun. The lake has BBQ grills throughout and cemented table-benches, making it a great spot to relax and take in all of its beauty.

Another Groveland perk is the local grocery store. Although we were on vacation, what’s the point of having a full kitchen if you don’t use it, so check out  Mar-Val Grocery Store to grab any food and supplies you might need.

Now that I’ve shared an affordable but comfortable way to lodge near Yosemite by staying in Groveland, CA and some highlights as to what Groveland has to offer, continue reading to learn more about how we unboxed as many beautiful surprises this trip could reveal to us in one full day of exploration.

As you drive along Hwy 41 you will see the iconic viewpoint known as Tunnel View. It offers a breathtaking snapshot of Yosemite Valley and several of its attractions — El Capitan, Half Dome and the waterfall Bridalveil Fall (pictured in the far right, center). According to the Native American Ahwahneechee tribe,  the mist from this 617-foot waterfall will increase your chances of getting married once inhaled.

Day 2 (full day): After paying $30 to enter the Yosemite National Park (the pass last for seven days) our next stop was the Lower Yosemite Falls, which is a must-see, especially if you are visiting during the spring when they are most magnificent! Due to the melting of glaciers the water will be roaring off the falls in massive amounts, creating strong gusts of wind so rock your natural hair like I did or you will have to hold on tight to your hat or wig as you approach its powerful blows lol. The hike is only 15min -60 min long with a mild incline depending on your pace, so it’s doable no matter your activity level. If you are dealing with a disability like Fibromyalgia; just be sure to stretch before you start your day. As you start down the trails, you can sit down on these big boulders that are along your pathway towards the falls whenever needed. With such majestic surroundings taking stops along the way will guarantee some epic selfies  :).

It’s a waterfall so high it has to take a break and rest twice in the course of its descent. It’s a 2,425-foot tumbler, tallest in North America and fifth tallest in the solar system. Ten times taller than Niagara or Shoshone Falls, nearly twice as tall as the Empire State Building, it’s about the height a 200-story building would be, if somebody ever built one. The lower fall, which you’ll be seeing up close on this hike, is the shortest section of the fall, but it’s still 320 feet (98 meters) high.

This mountain’s deep dark color with a shimmering texture is stunning and visible along Route 41. It looks like the perfect mountain to establish the Northern California territory of Wakanda 🙂

When it comes to the food choices within the park, there aren’t many, and the ones that are available are overpriced. Your best option is to stop by a nearby grocer like the one I mentioned above first and plan for a scenic picnic. With all the beautiful scenery surrounding you, it will make for the most amazing Northern California outdoor meal of all times.

We also got to explore the history of Yosemite by visiting their museum and watching their free documentary in a theatre-style room. I recommend every visitor to see it at least once. It was a beautiful and non-strenuous activity for Dave as well and will allow you to see all that the park has to offer. Oh and be sure to grab a picture in front of this wooden teepee right near the entrance of the museum. It will for sure make for a great photo-op lol.

Yosemite National Park Museum


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