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About Me

Hey There!

Well first off, I have to say a huge thanks for stopping by. Here you will capture my insight on traveling, natural & protective haircare, my  take on fashion and promotion of  all things lifestyle related. There is a little something here for everyone so lets enjoy this ride of connecting together.

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Who is Audra?

A Sacramento native, Audra relocated to Los Angeles, CA to pursue a degree in the field of Art. This endeavor enabled Audra to become very much aware of her passion for curating unforgettable experiences through images and media. Her detailed and innovative eye contributed greatly to her ability to go from fashion intern to lead costumer, establishing opportunities for her as a vital design team member for major networks including MTV, NBC, Disney, and Univision to name a few. With experience assisting with publishing, casting and show productions it’s clear that she was always in pursuit of new challenges. Audra Michelle has successfully established previous brands within the beauty industry and now in her hometown of Northern California she has established a thriving career within the health field as a Registered Nurse. The variety found in her career expands across a wide range of disciplines which is vital to her ability to successfully strategize building a brand that produces engaging content and dialogue across her social media platforms.

Outside of being a creative, Audra Michelle loves Jesus, her husband-Dave, her huge family, which consist of 8 siblings and her Mom and Dad. At the core she is a free spirit and loves adventure and traveling which contributed to her becoming a travel nurse by night and content curator by day. It is a passion of hers to see every corner of the world and share that experience from a minority perspective, adding a colorful voice to the travel industry.