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All You Need to Know: Dreams Tulum Mexico Resort

Resort Highlights

During the planning phase of our trip to Tulum, Mexico we decided to stay at the Dreams All Inclusive Tulum Resort. We normally stay at Secrets, which is another AM Resorts property but the Dreams location is in a prime area. None of the main attractions like Xel-ha Natural water park or Downtown Tulum are more than 15 minutes away so for location purposes I highly recommend them.

One must have is for us to stay where there is beach access. Not all the resorts or hotels offer this so its a nice perk to stay at a property like Dreams with its own private beach. For animal lovers they now allow small pets for a small fee. We left our Malshi pup at home but this would have been great to know beforehand so we wouldn’t of had to find dog sitter. Dreams offers a multitude of outdoor activities, including nightly shows, karaoke, and live bands. They also have a street vender night, which is full of festivities that makes you feel like your enjoying activities with the locals.

Where to Eat

On our last night we finally found our favorite restaurant, Portofino. Offering Italian inspired cuisine, Portofino made everything to perfection and the service was also great. It’s the only restaurant there that has a dress code so per policy the attire is dressy casual. You will see a sign that also says no sandals but I, along with many others had them on F.Y.I. Our next favorite eatery was the World Cafe, which is their international buffet. It is a great go-to because of the many food types they offer. If you dine anywhere else on the property I would recommend that you request for your meal to be made fresh to ensure you have the best experience because the food can taste questionable or old at some of the other dining spots.

Where to Party

They also have a sky bar for Adults only and if you like hookah look no further. The bar is decked out with hookah lounges throughout. They’re tons of activities and nightly shows for your entertainment. We enjoyed their fire show the most but we mostly went off of the resort to explore Tulum itself. The takeaway here is if you stay at Dreams you have entertainment options. The property also has two beautiful pools with one of them situated next to the cutest bar which is equipped with swings. The swings created great photo-ops and loads of drinking fun. This bar was probably one our favorite areas; besides the unlimited flow of alcohol is what makes “All Inclusive” so worth it right?!

Our Overall Experience 

 We had a 3PM check-in but our flight was arriving at 7AM so we called ahead to find out if we could possibly check-in early but they weren’t able to accommodate.  They did let us know we could walk the grounds and eat anywhere on the resort while we waited for our room to become available. Once we arrived at the resort we asked the front desk what restaurants were open for us to dine at. There was quite a bit of mis-information given regarding what was open and accessible and some of the establishments we were directed to were also dealing with power outages so you couldn’t eat there or use the restroom. We went to three different restaurants on the grounds before finding one that was actually open, it was an exhausting task, especially when you’re jet-lagged, hot and hungry. 


When it was finally time for us to check-in to our room we couldn’t wait for our heads to hit our, “Dream’s” pillow. At first glance the Deluxe Junior Suite we booked was a spacious 547 sq. ft. surprise. Nicely styled and equipped with all the essentials you would need. After taking a nap we noticed the fridge wasn’t working, our bathroom door was partially hanging off the hinges and the toilet wasn’t flushing properly. We were shocked they would put us in a room with so many issues but decided we’ll just try to make the best of it. In the coming days we did some sight-seeing and ate outside of the resort but night three we focused on dining at Dreams for dinner. 

Although I was in Mexico and should be craving tacos I instead was dying for some sushi lol, random right. The cool thing about Dreams is they offer nine different dining experiences. With a sushi craving in full effect, we made our way to Himitsu which provides Asian infused cuisines. On first impressions, I loved the decor and vibe of the establishment. Unfortunately, there was a 1-hour wait for the sushi bar so we decided to be seated in the actual restaurant side and just order an entrée. Once the food arrived it was obviously very old. The pork dish we got was so tough you couldn’t chew it enough to swallow and had a strange grayish look to it. It was like eating “Meaty” gum…yuk.  At this point we were very disappointed in our decision to stay here. Dave informed management and after explaining the issues with our room and our dining experience they went out of their way to ensure the remaining 2 days would be enjoyable.  

They Upgraded our room to a Master Suite and planned an ocean front 5 course dinner that was beautifully curated on the beach. The meal prepared for us was impeccable. Every dish excited our palate and the service was wonderful.

The Manager came out while we were enjoying our private dinner and captured some pictures of us. She wanted to make sure we were happy and also informed us that she left a surprise for us in our room. We were so appreciative of her efforts to ensure we were having the best experience possible. The way she handled our complaints left a positive impression and we will continue to book vacations with AM Resort properties.

Although our stay got off to a rocky start we plan to book future vacations with AM Resorts, mainly from their line of “Secret’s” properties.  We know its unrealistic for everything to go perfectly 100% of the time so what matters most to us is how a brand or company responds when it doesn’t and we were very much satisfied with theirs.  


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