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Day Trip to North Lake Tahoe

When its scorching hot, which is often the case in the greater Sacramento area there is no better place to retreat to then Lake Tahoe. We couldn’t wait to get there and -Eastshore Drive is the route we took towards the Geo Whittell Rd. trail, which is located in Incline Village & Washoe Valley. The weekend is of course a little busier than the weekday but even still we found an area that had parking and minimal crowds.

After 10 min of following the trail you are met with picture perfect views of the lake as you continue the descend. We also found some embedded stone steps that lead right to the water, which was a helpful surprise.

There isn’t a lot of sand or land but enough to set up a landing area that keeps you out of the water and is a good place for you to set up towels, inner tubes and personal items.

The views of clear gold and turquoise water along with the beautiful trees breaking up the  glistening light made every photo-op magic. Like seriously the drive was worth it even-though I was just coming off of a 12hr shift.   

I could of spent the entire day here floating along in my inner-tube If I wasn’t too scared about waking up in the middle of the lake lost lol. Lets put it this way a 3 hour sleeping session was definitely about to go down but the fear kept me alert lol.

The water is chilling, like “ice cold” chilling. I was able to get used to it after 30 minutes and normally it doesn’t take my body that long to adjust but that goes to show just how cold it was. Dave was a trooper and managed to bare its iciness even with the risk of triggering his fibromyalgia pain. It’s best to visit Tahoe when the temperature reaches 100 degrees because the heat outside will balance out the fact your in the coldest of cold water. While we were there it was 75 degrees so just check the weather before heading there if you are sensitive to water temperatures that are too low. 

Thankfully there were huge boulders near the cove, which are great for some sun bathing and re-warming. Its safe to say, Dave found his happy place!

To visit the cove we enjoyed see the custom map to the route we took from Sacramento, CA


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