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Exploring the Lavender Fields of Monte-Bellaria di California

Behold the sea of lavender flowers and smell in the heavenly aroma. Nestled in the breath-taking Russian River Appellation, Monte-Bellaria is a floral lover’s paradise in Sonoma County. Fall in love with the vast purple fields that transform the place into a photographer’s haven. Surely, you can get a lot of picturesque shots here or even spend a laid-back picnic under the olive trees.

A small, family-run business

Monte-Bellaria di California is a simple, intimate business that cultivates acres of lavender plants. Unlike other income-focused farms and wineries that want to profit off every visitor, the owners here treat their customers like family. They make sure that visitors are well accommodated during their visit and offer special appointments of $25 per car as well as options to visit for free if you come during their normal weekend hours.

Private tours

The owners of Monte-Bellaria are not just friendly and accommodating but are experts in lavender growing. And if you want to know more about the lavender fields, beehives, olives, product processing, and more, you can take their optional private tour at $5 per person. Children under 12 years old are free of charge. Their private tour is highly informative and interesting so you might not want to miss it! After the tour, they have complimentary olive oil tasting.

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Gift shop and handmade products

Aside from the spectacular scenery and educational tour, you can take home lots of handmade products from their gift shop. From essential oils to soaps to perfumes, see their collection of lavender treats for everyone. Bring home some of their personalized box sets―fragrance, relaxation, indulgence, and more! They also have their Farm-To-Spa items, including lavender hydrosol, therapeutic bath salts, moisturizing balm, and potpourri blend. And to complete your shopping delight, they have some culinary creations such as lavender honey, virgin olive oil, lavender herb salt, and even some lavender-themed towels. In case you need to get your daily fix of lavender, olive, and honey but couldn’t get to their shop, don’t worry because their online store is open every day.

How to get there

Take on a scenic drive through Sonoma County and you will set foot on a private residence along Bloomfield Road in Sebastopol. Their location is quite a challenge though, you can expect for some bumpy roads. It is best to pre-set your directions before going on a road trip to the farm due to poor reception.

Best time to visit

Monte-Bellaria is closed from January to April for winter break. They normally re-open during the last week of April. It’s best to plan your trip ahead by giving them a call or send an email because they only accommodate a limited number of visitors every day. Their weekend hours are free from 10 AM to 4 PM, every Saturday and Sunday, though special appointments can be arranged with a booking fee of $25. And if you get a chance to visit them during their 2019 Spring Opening (April 20 to April 21), they are giving out free flower seed packets for you to start your own flower garden! Don’t miss their opening and see the fields of lavender in full bloom. Enjoy taking home some natural treats and experiencing beautiful lavender dreams without traveling to France.

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