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Best Packing Tips to Minimize Overpacking

More often than not, overpacking means excess baggage and fees; this is something any traveler would want to avoid. No one wants to spend extra money for these unplanned expenses at the airport so it’s important to choose the right items for your trip.

With practical choices, it’s easy to avoid this unfortunate event from happening. Here are some valuable tips to minimize overpacking and explore a world of efficient traveling.

Research the destination

Start with the checklist

Know more about your travel destination to make your packing more efficient. Research the destination’s weather ―if you need to bring jackets, swimwear, and the like. Check if there are nearby laundry services at your hotel so that you can bring lesser clothes during your trip.

A very important tip among first-time travelers or even seasoned backpackers is to create a checklist for your belongings. This way you can clearly account for the stuff that you need to bring and ensure that you don’t miss the little things. To make your checklist more functional and easy-to-read, sort it into categories like travel, financial documents, clothes, hygiene kit, first-aid bag, and entertainment package. If you want to be more detailed, you can create a separate checklist for your hand-carry.

Invest in a good, mid-sized luggage

Don’t underestimate the power of good luggage or backpack! One of the reasons why overpacking happens is due to an oversized suitcase. As a result, you tend to fill it with more stuff and other non-essential things. Unless you are going on a long-term trip, a carry-on suitcase is much better than a large suitcase. Remember, you don’t need to bring your entire closet with you! Only bring the essentials and make sure to leave space inside your luggage for extra stuff purchased while on vacation.

Use travel organizers

To keep your stuff neat and tight, pack them in different organizers. These will maximize the space in your luggage and will keep your things systematized all throughout your trip. The best way to pack your clothes is to roll them up. Since dirty laundry is normal in every trip, make sure you have a separate organizer for these so that it will not take up more room in your bag.

Know how to mix-and-match

As a fashion major in school and lover of clothes, I like to wear stylish pieces throughout my travels. If you want to look great in your photos, then you must know how to incorporate some fashion tweaks into your getup. Play with neutral colors that blend with different styles. Basics are simply luggage-savers, which can be worn in more than one occasion. Pack three tops for the same bottom and take advantage of layering. Bring tank tops, button-down shirts, and cardigans, which you can use to create new styles as well as adapt to the changing climate. For us, ladies bring some stylish maxi dresses, which is a full outfit and takes up minimal luggage space.

Pack in smaller sizes

To save space in your luggage, only bring sample-sized amounts of your beauty essentials and favorite products. Always take as much as you need and not more to avoid overpacking. This will surely minimize overpacking and help you keep up with the airport guidelines for carry-on liquids. No one wants to leave their full bottle shampoo or perfume at the TSA checkpoint, right?

Stick to your shopping/ souvenir list

But of course, souvenirs are one of the best physical things to represent your entire travel journey. New purchases are certainly inevitable in every trip. And, it can be the reason why you overpack! When packing to go back home, avoid adding last-minute items and simply stick to your list. This might be a challenge but it’s definitely the most practical way if you don’t want to end up with excess baggage and fees.


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