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Best Natural Hair Routine While Traveling

Going natural can be exciting while at the same time a little intimidating. For years women of color rarely styled or dealt with their unprocessed textured hair. Due to this reality, there weren’t many products around that catered to the needs of black hair, making it hard to manage our crowns.

As a woman with type 4 hair it can be even more daunting to find a product that keeps our hair moisturized while at the same time setting our styles but I was determined to not give up looking. One day I went to Target and saw a line called Uncle Funky’s Daughters. The packaging states it is for the woman who has kinky curly textured hair, which described me! Once used, I have never went back and its officially a staple.

I use the curly magic curl simulator gel regularly because it tames my frizz, elongates my curls and adds moisture to my hair while allowing my styles to last 3-5 days depending on  how active I am. When traveling you can purchase their ultimate travel kit from Target for only $20 and it will manage all your styling needs throughout your travels.

If you plan on swimming and I hope you do, use shea moisture $7.99  low porosity leave-in detangler. It is a heavy moisture rich staple that I use regularly and whenever I plan to get my hair wet, especially if the water is chlorinated because it does such a superb job at preventing dryness. If you will be vacationing for more then a week, look into bringing their shampoo and conditioner from the same low-porosity shea moisture collection to ensure your hair is balanced properly. If you are a weekly deep conditioning natural sista like me, use TGIN’s Miracle Mask or Devacurl Melt Into Moisture conditioner for best moisturizing results.

African Print Fabric Head wrap purchased from Ashanti Fabrics. Eye Contacts from

Now to be able to give your hair breaks and to have some extra added versatility bring either headwraps, some faux hair for buns, a natural textured wig or all three lol. I make my own units and purchase the hair from Alixpress where the prices are unmatched and super affordable.

To give you an example of how I plan my styles during a 7 day trip, please see the list below.

Day 1: Two-strand or Three Strand twist which is set with the curly magic collection. You can jazz the look of rocking twist by wearing head wraps, scarves, hats and hair jewelry.

Day 2: Unravel twist and rock a fresh twist-out.

Day 4- Day 7: Use wraps and hair ties to wear the hair up in a huge puff or bun.

Exception to Hair Schedule: Depending on what day I plan to swim I apply some water and the shea moisture conditioner first (normally I get hair wet day 6). This will remove the definition from your hair and completely soften it. Next I do some chunky twist and tie it straight back, applying a swimming cap or attaching a faux bun.

After swimming: I rinse my hair thoroughly, which should take no more than 10min then re-apply shea moisture to the twist and wear a wig, head wrap, or faux bun for the remainder of vacation. Having 4type Hair low manipulation is key to seeing growth so I only style it once a week or every two weeks. Make sure you do a rinse after each swim to get the chlorine out and re-apply the shea moisture product to combat any dryness.

Extra Tips: If my trip is longer than a week then I do a wash and deep condition on Day 7 and repeat the process.

I hope this post was helpful and will encourage you to not shy away from vacationing with your natural hair. Your natural tresses will give you such beautiful and authentic photos during your trip, so rock the crown sis!


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