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20 Instagram-worthy Places in San Francisco

A vibrant metropolitan at the tip of the western U.S. peninsula, San Francisco is no doubt a photographer’s paradise. This petite yet upscale city holds an endless array of breath-taking spots and picture-perfect attractions. Here are some of the most scenic and eye-catching locations in SF that deserve a place in your Instagram feed.

Painted Ladies & SF Flower House

The Painted Ladies are striking images of the city’s history and affluence during the Gold Rush. Even if you can’t enter these Victorian homes, the exterior views are already Instagram-worthy.

Another adorable house has recently emerged on the scene and is a sunflower painted home that delivers instant shots of happiness. Although all the Instagrammers that have visited this gem won’t share the exact address, with a little research, I was able to find the details here. Yes, you can thank me later lol.

Ghirardelli Square

Ghirardelli Square is a historical landmark established in 1862. From amazing chocolates, beer and wine tastings, dining experiences, and outdoor movie nights you can spend hours exploring and capturing Instagram worthy moments. One of my favorite spots within the complex is this beautiful curtain of lights. They’re open daily from 11 AM-9 PM while the entrance is free, you will find meter or garage parking fees.

Union Square

Right at the heart of the city, Union Square is the place to go for your shopping madness and Instagram needs. Filled with top-rated restaurants, beautiful cafes, luxury hotels, and high-end designer shops, explore around the city’s premier retail hub. You will find cool art installments everywhere like these red crystal streamers hanging from a Nike store.

Golden Gate Bridge

Of course, you can’t spell San Francisco without Golden Gate Bridge! This iconic site is one of the most sought-after spots for Instagrammers. Well, why not? From the sweeping bay views to the impressive architectural design, visitors will surely appreciate this famous bridge even from afar.

Lands End

Photo by Audraamichelle on Instagram

From old shipwrecks to rocky cliffs to an astounding labyrinth, the Lands End is more than just a popular hiking trail in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Follow the windy path as you set your eyes on the vast cypress and wildflower landscape. Truly, this place is picturesque in every way.

The Sutro Baths

Photo by Audraamichelle on Instagram

Also within the Lands End area, Sutro Baths, which used to be the world’s largest indoor swimming pool. Now, this collection of saltwater pools stands out even with the disintegrating walls and tarnishing iron works. Amazingly, this shows that there’s still beauty in destruction! To read more about my personal visit to Sutro Baths click here.

Baker’s Beach

Whether you want a quick water therapy or a pet playground, Baker’s Beach does its job pretty well. Not only that, this scenic spot with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge on its horizon blesses visitors with coastal charms and more.

Alcatraz Island

Photoby LizetteFlores Piña on Trover

Offering striking bay views and gardens, Alcatraz Island holds a dark yet fascinating past that lures visitors in a rather distinct way. Before its famous laid-back beauty, this island was a prison that housed some of the most notorious criminals including Al Capone, Alvin Karpis, James “Whitey” Bulger, and George “Machine Gun” Kelly. A visit to this historical site includes guided or cell-house audio tours where you listen to stories from prisoners and wardens through earphones. Museum collections are available and curated artist events. Click here to learn more and book your visit.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Photoby thekaufmancrewon Instagram

A historic port city, the Fisherman’s Wharf is a busy waterfront gushing with remarkable seafood restaurants and vibrant imagery. Meander around through its symbolic cable car and witness the impressive display of fishing boats on the dock and local stalls along the pier.

The Melt

Photoby eatsforyijuon Instagram

Loaded with a mouth-watering selection of grilled cheese sandwiches, The Melt is simply irresistible―for your taste buds and your eyes. This famous eatery in San Francisco takes the #foodgasm to the next level!

Lombard Street

Photoby droneofthedayon Instagram

A must-visit landmark, the Lombard Street attracts tourists all over the world because of its artistically, crazy street style―a crooked and highly steep road with hairpin-like turns. The long hike and drive up could be a struggle, but it’s worth it.

San Francisco Aquarium

Photo by Audraamichelle on Instagram

Looking for the perfect spot to escape the city vibes and immerse yourself within marine life? The SF Aquarium is the ideal place to explore. Home to several shark species, jellyfish, sea otters, stingrays, and a newly added octopus it will be fun to explore by yourself or with family. The second floor offers a marine lab where you get an up close and personal interaction with various sea creatures. Submerge your hands within the tide pools of water to gently caress stingrays, starfish, and other living things. Also on the same level is an interactive room, where life-size digital dinosaurs lunge at you as you enter the room. The aquarium tunnel itself is a picture-perfect photo spot but, you will find several insta-worthy displays at your fingertips.

The Palace of Fine Arts

Photoby onlyinsfon Instagram

The Palace of Fine Arts is one of the finest spots in SF for a sunset or sunrise photograph. Capture the dramatic landscape of the architectural landmark positioned in front of a beautiful lagoon.

Pier 39

Photo by Audraamichelle on Instagram

This touristy destination is loaded with everything you need for your camera―bay views, sea creatures, gift shops, dining spots, local stores, and an aquarium. No wonder, Pier 39 is a favorite spot year-round for bloggers, foodies, history buffs, and sea animal lovers.

Ferry Building

Photo by the415guy on Instagram

With its statuesque structure, the Ferry Building is something that will surely catch your attention. A terminal for ferries, the place is also a bustling market filled with fresh finds, wine bars, coffee houses, and gourmet dining.

City Hall

Photo by #cityhallsf on Instagram

The City Hall is a perfect representation of elegance and prominence.  Outlined with marble floors, make your way to the spectacular staircase and marvel at the awe-inspiring dome. Every corner inside this government site exudes grandeur, hence a top choice for wedding photo shoots. To learn more about the guidelines in place to take pictures inside visit here.

San Francisco OneDome Museum

Photo by Audraamichelle on Instagram

Popping with interactive, colorful, and sparkling displays the San Francisco Onedome Museum holds a collection of 14 virtual exhibits. In addition to the exhibit side, there is another experience called the “Unreal Garden.” Here you are given a pair of eye gear that brings hidden elements to life, creating an augmented reality. This museum will immerse you in a land of fantasies; you’ll never run out of options for your Instagram feed. To visit, reserve your time slot online. There is a beautiful lounge and full bar. Its perfect for date night or some psychadelic fun with friends.

California Academyof Sciences

Photoby jonhillmon Instagram

Taking you to the underwater world by feet, the California Academy of Sciences is another postcard-perfect place for your virtual gallery. So, even if you’re not a scuba diver, you can see the different sea creatures up-close.

Bernal Heights Park

Photo by maryketes on Instagram

Bernal Park gives you the best view a San Francisco swing can offer and definitely deserves a mention. With overlooking views of the cityscape, this lovely park is well-known for its romantic vibes. Just bring your own picnic essentials and enjoy a sunny afternoon. To avoid crowds the best time to visit is during the weekday anytime before 3:00 PM.

Haight Street

Photoby Loveon Haight on Instagram

Get a chance to mingle with the hippie community along Haight Street and wallow around an array of vintage shops and bars. Complete your visit with a picture of the famous dangling legs at Piedmont Boutique’s and capture all the vibrant colors this neighborhood offers.

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